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Lubiniai šviestuvai - Maytoni

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Ceiling lighting for everyone

Are you looking for ceiling light and you are missing wide, yet fast and simple selection? Moreover, are you requiring high quality at a reasonable price? We believe, that our wide range of more than 2 000 different models won't disappoint you.
At our online store, you can find attached types, which are small in height, so compared to traditional chandeliers they are suitable also for rooms with a low ceiling. You can place them basically anywhere.
If you wish to have stately home-like lighting, we will also fulfil your wish as we also offer a wide selection of crystal chandeliers and lamps.
Number of products:  7171
The cheapest product:  87 CZK
Warranty:     3 years for free
Pickup locations  more than 1200 in the Czech Republic
Rustic design, stained glass ceiling lights
Since we are aware, that every room requires a different design of a ceiling light, we have divided our range of products into different subcategories. Children ceiling lights are full of colors and shapes. Customers, who like originality and luxury, will be surely impressed by models, which are made of stained glass. So-called Tiffany, as stained glass lights are also sometimes called, are at our online store part of a wide selection of stained glass chandeliers and ceiling lights.
Modern designer lights 
We also have something to offer to a less conservative customer, who desires designer ceiling lights.
You can place modern spotlights on the ceiling and also modern lights equipped with LED technology are lately becoming more and more popular. Smart lighting or also the lights, which can be controlled using your smartphone and Wi-fi connection are becoming dominant in the market and we also offer them to you.
Ceiling lights of all kinds, designs and colors are brought to you by the team of our online store

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