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(8 5) 239 2959(Pirmadienis - Penktadienis, 7:00 - 15:30)

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Sietynai - Dalber

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Ceiling chandeliers

Have you ever been in a house or apartment, where there has not been even one chandelier? Probably hardly. Yes, this type of pendant light is a phenomenon and it will remain the same in years to come. A chandelier, whether you plan to hang it in a kitchen, living room or a children room, will add elegance to the room and will also serve as quality main room lighting.
Since the demand for modern chandeliers is still high, the selection of colors, shapes and used materials is extending year by year. Are you into luxury? Look at crystal chandeliers, which will stand out mainly thanks to the beautiful play of lights. They are a symbol of good taste and wealth therefore, it is not surprising that many theatres, concert halls and mansions are decorated with crystal chandeliers. On the other hand, stained glass chandeliers stand out thanks to brights colors.
We highly value every customer therefore, we offer pendant chandeliers in different price levels, from very cheap chandeliers sold as pre-owned or on sale to very luxurious and designer chandeliers.

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