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The right interior lighting can do wonders. Moreover, nowadays the range of lighting is so wide, that really everybody will choose. For clarity, we have divided interior lights into different categories. If you choose by the shape, you can choose the most common chandeliers and attached ceiling lights, but very popular are also spotlights, dimmable lights and lamps.

For apartment lighting we have further divided lights by material, let us mention for example crystal lights, wooden lights, stained glass lights, fabric lights or lights made of rice paper. And you can also filter by color.
When choosing a suitable interior light, always take into consideration the size of the room, its purpose and what type of furniture is in the room, simply make sure that the light nicely fits into the room.
If you need any help with choosing what light is the most suitable for your bedroom, hallway and which one would fit the best in your living room, we recommend you to read articles in our advisory centre
In our online store you will choose the right lighting for your living room, bedroom, children room, kitchen and bathroom

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