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Vonia - Emithor

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A bathroom luminaire should not be underestimated. In a bathroom we shave, comb our hair, apply make-up, ....simply we do activities, which require proper lighting.

That is why we choose a bathroom light, which, thanks to its shape, provides bright and scattered light. 
Nowadays the trend is to have a big bathroom, that is why it is necessary to install more luminaires and the placement of these lights is very important. You can choose from ceiling lights, spotlights or wall bathroom lights.
The separate group is bathroom mirror luminaire, which can be of course placed above a bathtub or a shower enclosure.
In our eStore you can find dozens and dozens of various bathroom luminaires and all of them meet strict safety norms
If you are not sure where to safely place a bathroom light, read an article about safety zones. You will find out, that IP rating is an important feature when choosing a bathroom light, which indicates the protection of light against ingress of solid objects and water. 

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